Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anyone wanna play Iceball?

A Crazy Wednesday night usually involves about 100 kids and thier parents at church for AWANA.
Last night, it started before we got in the suburban.
On our way into the garage and small pieces of hail began to fall. Living in Kansas, this is not wholly unusual. Being fond of my suburban, I was in no hurry to venture out.
It proceeded to hail for 30 minutes or so. During that time there were loud thumps on our roof. Louder than the hammering of a roofer. More like kids jumping up and down on the upstairs floor when I am in the basement. But the hail continued to look small. Then, I realized what I was seeing was the busted up pieces of hail coming off the roof. Then it grew quiet. I waited to make sure the storm was done. We had, had a brief moment of 60 mph winds. Then it started again. Louder than before and a lot of more jumping on the roof sounds. But this time the big stones were landing in the yard as well. Softball size! I have never seen hail this large until last night.
All is good though, the dog was cooped up in the garage to shake and shiver and cry through the storm. Initially, he was outside in the rain and I wasn't going to feel sorry for him because he was also laying in the kiddie pool in the rain. Silly dog. But then the pea size hail came and I conceded to the children he could go to the garage. They were worried he wouldn't go into his dog house. I am every so grateful for those warning little peas. I am even more grateful for the hedge of protection God wrapped so many people up in during this storm. So many were out and on the roads. It all started around 5:45 in the evening. People going home, church, sporting events and such.
We have 4 holes in our roof. Down to the base plywood layer and it is cracked in some of those holes. We'll be getting a new roof. Maybe siding and some guttering.
Craters in our yard offer new landscaping interest. We could not have been so creative all on our own. :)
But my favorite of all pictures in on the website. Pictures of the Auburn Hills Golf Course. Those are some pretty large golf balls. In my twisted, silly humourous way, I find myself wondering if God and his angels were busy with putting practice last night and a few of the balls went wild? I remember being told thunder was actually the angels bowling. Lightening meant they had gotten a strike.
Here are a couple of pictures from our yard. The garden house and swing to offer a bit of perspective.

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