Monday, February 6, 2012

I Love My Maids!

Tonight is one of those nights I am in love with my maids.
I lay here in bed getting things done on the computer and my laundry is being done. The dishes are being washed. Lunch for tomorrow is being prepared and bread is being baked. Before you think I have gone off the deep end and I keep my children up all night doing chores, my maids are my tools.
Over the years I have read about the Proverbs 31 woman. She is a bit on the perfect side. To measure one's self to her can be quite disheartening. Especially, when there is a toddler undoing all I have done and I am tired cause I was up with the baby all night. Now the years have passed and my babies aren't babies anymore. But they make bigger messes.  They forget we don't have a housekeeper designated to clean up after them.  Oh wait, that was suppose to be me, right? HA!  There are weeks, I am only at home in the evenings in time for bed, the day is full of errands, school and to do lists.  To do lists that don't include household chores. 
Somewhere along all these years, my sister shared a gem of truth with me that changed my perspective and loathing of this perfect Proverbs 31 woman who gave her servants their portions each morning.  I have servants/maids too.  They are not of flesh and blood.  But they are no less valuable and important to my daily living.  I do my best to give them their daily portions.  Today my washer has worked hard.  Catching up on the laundry of the weekend.  Ever so grateful for the work accomplished today.  Tonight in the kitchen my daughter joined me in serving up the portions to our servants.  Lunch in the crockpot, ingredients in the bread machine, another load in the washer ready for morning drying and dishes in the dishwasher to be ready for breakfast!
Ever so grateful to the wise words once shared with me.  Maybe just maybe one day, I might begin to look a bit more like the Prov 31 woman from the inside and out.

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Debt Free Mom said...

I remeber when you shared your insight with me years ago...I think of you often when I start up my maids!!!!